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Transforming your pain through the healing power of touch!

You are invited
 to feel the rhythm of  your own heart,
 to find your breath,
to calm your mind,
 to relieve your tension,
 and to reconnect with your self.

 You are invited to release your pain.

Jamaica Stevens, LMT
Oregon State Board No. 9192

My inspiration for massage and bodywork comes from a belief that wellness and balance are inherent within us. By encouraging the body to release tension and stress, our natural rhythms return to facilitate healing and wellness. My approach to massage is holistic, working with you to uncover what is causing you "dis- ease", or pain, and guiding your body through the process of  release.

 Much of the pain that most people struggle with comes from repeated stress on the soft tissue of the body. I  incorporate my experience with Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones, Hydrotherapy,
Reiki, Chakra-Balancing & Energy Work, Somatic Trauma Release,Trigger Point, Therapeutic Sports, Injury Rehabilitation, and Prenatal Massage to create a specific therapeutic treatment session to find the source of and release your pain, increase movement and flexibility, and reconnect your body and mind.

I have been licensed in  massage and bodywork since 2002 after graduating from East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, OR. I have worked in hospital settings, wellness centers, spas, and with private clients in my own practice including top athletes from the NBA.  I am passionate about my craft and dedicated to providing a nurturing experience and helping you transform the pain in your body.

For scheduling call (971) 322-8447